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If you are looking for help with 'Do it Yourself' web development, no nonsense advice on SEO, or low cost hosting, you might find some solace here.

My name is Clive Miller. I set up my first website in 1998 using MS FrontPage and shared hosting on 1 & 1.  Learning by trial and error is my favoured approach. One of my son's is a technical professional and he bailed me out when I got stuck.

Two things he taught me are firmly lodged in my head and they get me out of trouble at least as well as duck take and WD40 server to fix mechanical things.

First, he said, "Half my brain is on Google". This might be a 'no brainer' now but back in the late nineties and early two thousands, Google was very new. So now whenever I am stuck, I try Google first.

The other thing he said that offers great wisdom was, "Is it was working and it has stopped, it is almost always something I have done" meaning me. This has proved true, time and again.

At some point, my son introduced me to Drupal, one of the three main open source content management systems that are designed with websites in mind. I started with version 6. Now we are less than 3 years away from the end of support for version 7. 

Since then I had cause to try out Joomla for a client. The third of the trio is Wordplex. I here tell that Wordplex is the more user friendly of the three.

To me, Drupal is the most expansive and flexible. The trade off is its complexity.

Anyway, does it make sense to base a business on open source software? I think so. My main business, SalesSense, has depended on Drupal for nearly 20 years. 

At some point I upgraded from shared hosting to rent a dedicated server and now host sites for a few friends and family.

My efforts to make prominent have met with quite a lot of success. While I have seen some significant falls in traffic over the years, I have just about managed to keep up with Google algorithm updates.

Today the site attracts about 500 visits a week. Not a huge number yet fro a niche one person business to business one person consultancy, it is not bad.

So I can help you get similar levels of traffic, perhaps more.

I'll post some more articles on this site about how to do so, when I find the time and inclination.

If you want more DIY traffic, get in touch. I'm happy to share what I have learned.